motivation letter

I am the first child from one brother and one sister in my family. My father is a hard worker where I inherit this character and my mother is a housewife that little fussy but really taught me how to discipline, this character is also make me have discipline in every field.

Since I was in Senior High School, I have believed that chemistry is surrounding our live. All human activities in several fields are describe in a chemistry framework. I joined Kelompok Ilmiah Remaja, a student group that discussed many thing about science, to following my believe in this. It is also the reason why I decided to attended faculty of mathematics and natural science. I choosed chemistry education as my specialization at that time.

As a student at Chemistry Science Department faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science in **************, I had numerous opportunities to do many activities. From 2003 to 2004 I had chances to become a lecturer assistant in inorganic laboratory. My responsibilities are taught and supervised students in inorganic I and inorganic II.

Besides studying, I also active in the voluntary corps of Indonesian Red Cross became the vice secretary. Overall I am pleased with my academic record and I believe that it has prepared me very well for graduate school. So much thing that I’ve got at this level, such as knowledge, experience about how to teach and also how to socialize and organize. But, I can not just stop in here, I must get forward. After work in several kind of job I decided to go back to study and I decided to take Environmental Chemistry as my major.

Now, I study in Chemistry Science Department faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science in ************. I came this far with a big hope that I will improve my knowledge. I’ve decided to myself to make the earth GREEN based on my major. I completely sure that this will be happened someday, if we started right now. This is my aim.

Eventhough I haven’t write my thesis yet, but I’ve got desire to have a research about pesticide that doesn’t harmful for our environment, it’s about biopesticide. Pesticide that comes from natural resources which is selective for certain thing. I am really interest in this matter, because if I can find biopesticide to changed pesticide which is we all known, really harmful for our environment so our earth can be safer and greener than before and also could be take less cost than before.

********** as a Huge Institution has inspiring me to apply this scholarship. I consider myself to be a good candidate for the Scholarship because I am young, energetic, hardworking, visionary, and motivated person who believes that I can do something for the benefit of my country. I did my best with all maximum efforts I could give for my country. But this is not enough. I really need help for make my aim successful.


Rini Selly

Application Letter

Medan, July 7th, 2007

To :
HRD ….

Dear Sir,
I am graduate from University………, majoring………., with GPA ….. (scale of 4). I am looking forward to getting a better opportunity from your company. I would like to contribute my knowledge to your company by working there and fulfilling the Relationship Manager position. Please consider me as a serious applicant.

I worked as Relationship Officer in national outsorcing company until now, handle…. I also join organization when I was in college I offer you the strong motivation, good team work ability, and also the professional attitude that every good employee should have. It would be a honor for me to join to your company. This is the best chance for me to make a step forward of my career.

My resume and a recent photograph are enclosed. I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss how I may start my career at your company. Please feel free to contact me at anytime you find convenient.

Thank you for your assistance and consideration on my application.

Yours Sincerely,